All About Containers Saturday: All Three Manhattan Sections
May 6, Midtown Education Center, Manhattan

All About Containers Saturday

No land? No problem! Containers can bring added color, form, and texture to any space—deck, rooftop, terrace, front porch, or window sill. Combining plants and planters provides visual impact, creates a small garden, and adds pleasure to your living area. Sun or shade, ornamental or edible, find out what kind of container garden is right for you. Please bring lunch.

10 am–12 pm

Container Gardening 101
Container gardening requires some specialized knowledge to achieve quality results. Learn the basics for planting and maintaining a healthy outdoor container garden: materials and styles of containers, customized potting mixes, fertilization, and watering requirements. After getting a few suggestions for plants that thrive in containers, and you'll be ready to go!
Daryl Beyers l Manhattan l GAR200B

12–12:45 pm Lunch

12:45–2:45 pm

Veggies and Herbs for Containers
Learn how to grow garden-fresh vegetables and herbs year-round in containers. Discover which varieties do best in containers and how to care for them. Special attention is paid to those varieties that not only taste great but also look beautiful, including varieties that have interesting or unusual blooms and foliage.
Nick Gershberg l Manhattan l GAR200D

3–5 PM

Designing with Containers
Containers are wonderful in any setting— whether alone on a window sill or terrace, or incorporated into a yard or formal garden. Learn a comprehensive approach to designing with containers, including how, when, where, and why you should use a particular pot in one spot over another. Gain tips and tricks for great plant combinations in containers of all kinds.
Richard Rosiello l Manhattan l GAR200F

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