Preserving the Mighty Oak
Oaks form the arboreal framework of the forests, parks, and gardens of the Northeast. They provide shade, valuable timber, and food for an astonishing variety of wildlife ranging from black bears to the larvae of Horace's Duskywing butterflies. Unfortunately, environmental change and an increasing number of introduced pests and diseases are threatening the health of oaks throughout our region, leaving gardeners, arborists, and nature lovers wondering what they can do.

In Preserving the Mighty Oak, five celebrated experts will discuss the natural and cultural history of oaks, the challenges that face them, and best practices for promoting their health.

The Horticultural and Cultural Importance of Oaks
Bill Logan is the founder, president and lead arborist of Urban Arborists, and a member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists. He will discuss the horticultural and cultural importance of oaks.

The Ecological Importance of Oaks in the Northeast and Ongoing Research at Black Rock Forest Consortium
Bill Schuster, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of Black Rock Forest Consortium and serves on the Board of the Hudson Highland Land Trust.

Diseases of Oaks, including Phytophthora, Oak Wilt, and Bacterial Leaf Scorch
George Hudler, Ph.D. recently concluded a 40 year career of research, teaching and public outreach relating to diseases of trees and shrubs in the Northeast and now serves on the Board of Trustees of The Tree Fund.

Insects that Afflict Oaks and Best Practices for Keeping Oaks Healthy
Neil Hendrickson, Ph.D. is the Northeast Technical Support Specialist for the F. A. Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories. He is also a N.J. Certified Tree Expert, a member of the Society of American Foresters, and a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor.

Gretchen Pettis, Ph.D. is the Entomologist for Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories in Charlotte, NC.

DEC-approved CEUs:
Forest, Category 2, (2.0)
Ornamental and Turf, Category 3a, (2.0)
Nursery, Ornamentals & Turf, Category 25, (2.0)
Regulatory, Category 9, (2.0)
ISA-approved CEUs:
Certified Arborist (3)
BCMA: Science (1.5)
BCMA: Practice (1.5)

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