The Gardener's Garden: Windcliff | Seattle, Washington
Situated on a bluff with awe-inspiring views of Puget Sound and Mt. Ranier, Dan Hinkley's Windcliff is both a superbly planted home garden and a botanical collection of wild specimens from more than 20 countries. The house is integrated seamlessly into the landscape with transparent plantings and trellised vines, while still enjoying classic garden elements of privacy, views, color, and fragrance. In arboretum and greenhouse, vegetable garden and experimental meadow, new specimens are constantly transplanted, discarded, and trialed. Windcliff is about testing and discovery, reflecting the places and people Hinkley has encountered— and the plants he's brought back to share with the gardening community.

Famed plant hunter, nurseryman, and author Dan Hinkley is committed to solid and sustainable horticulture, exceptional garden plants, landscapes of distinction, and raising our awareness of Earth's plant diversity and the mysteries of our natural world. At Heronswood Nursery, he created a woodland garden considered one of the most stunning in America.
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