Landscape Design Students And Alumni Series

Tuesdays, 1–3 p.m., After LDSA Meetings
Come hear award-winning and nationally renowned professionals share their expertise on a diversity of topics in landscape design. These popular afternoon lectures coincide with monthly morning meetings of the Landscape Design Students and Alumni Association (LDSA). All are welcome to register for this series.


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For designers in any field, finding the right color for the job is essential. For landscape designers, who must consider ever-changing light and the seasonal growth of plants, choosing appropriate color schemes can be complex and challenging. Famed color consultant more...
02/21 Tu 01:00pm-03:00pm Ashcraft
In this presentation for designers at all levels of experience, Claudia West shows how to ensure success in designing with native plants by using a plant community-based method. She will introduce the science behind lasting plant combinations- essential knowledge for more...
03/21 Tu 01:00pm-03:00pm West