Urban Naturalist Program

The NYBG Urban Naturalist Program will equip you with the observation, identification, and documentation skills you need to become a citizen scientist and an effective environmental steward. Our team of experienced naturalists will use the NYBG’s grounds and select NYC City Parks as living labs to investigate the interrelationships between species and discover how our urban environment sustains those ecosystems.

To become an official NYBG Urban Naturalist, you must complete each of these required classes: Foundations, Woodlands, and Waterways. Within a month of completing your third class, you must submit an in-depth study of a “patch” (natural spot) of your choosing. Your study will include the geology and human history of your patch, a survey of the plants and animals found there, and a plan for how the site can be improved to benefit the landscape and community.  Choose from individual classes or the six-week Fall Intensive below.

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