Jeffrey Falk
Jeffrey Falk Jeffrey Falk has 45 years of experience in floral photography. He has led numerous workshops throughout the city teaching digital photography and exploring the uses of photographic imaging, equipment, and presentation software.


Classes by this instructor

Learn to create intimate and detailed portraits of flowers using various lenses, proper depth of field, filters, and the best framing techniques. Equipment, including zoom telephotos, close-up diopter filters, extension tubes, teleconverters, and dedicated macro lenses will be demonstrated in the cl more...
04/22 Sa 10:00am-04:00pm Falk
Get an exclusive opportunity to photograph The Orchid Show: Thailand, using your DSLR 100–300mm telephoto lens, and dedicated speedlights. Master techniques to achieve the best lighting and exposure for these vibrant flowers without the use of tripods or monopods. Afterward, return to t more...
03/25 Sa 09:00am-03:00pm Falk