Paul Sadowski
Paul Sadowski Paul Sadowski has been an active amateur mycologist for over twenty years. In 2010 Paul received The North American Mycological Association's Harry and Elsie Knighton Service Award. He has studied mushrooms under the mentorship of Gary Lincoff, Tom Volk, Aaron Norarevian, Dennis Aita and others. In 2007 and 2008 Paul embarked on a survey of fungi within the Sanctuary's property in the New Jersey Palisades with the Greenbrook Sanctuary naturalist, Nancy Slowi. This experience led him to study Polypores with the eminent mycologist Tom Volk at a seminar held at Eagle Hill, the Humboldt Field Research Center in Steubenville, Maine. Paul has presented numerous programs in New York and New Jersey for an audience of the mycologically curious members of garden clubs and conservancies, including yearly presentations and walks at Inwood Hill Park on behalf of the NYC Parks Department in cooperation with the Greenacre Foundation.

Classes by this instructor

It takes some finesse, but we can help you build your confidence and ability with microscopes to view a variety of fungi and plant material. We'll show you how to adjust and calibrate the eyepiece, focus on both thick and thin specimens, and properly light your subject. You'll also learn to thinly s more...
07/18 Th 06:00pm-09:00pm Sadowski