Michael Hagen
Michael Hagen Michael Hagen is the NYBG"s Curator of the Native Plant Garden and the Rock Garden. He previously served as Staff Horticulturist for Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, NY and Garden Manager at Rocky Hills, in Mt. Kisco, a preservation project of the Garden Conservancy.

Classes by this instructor

This course is designed for horticulturists and gardeners who are familiar with the basic culture of perennials. Learn the identifying characteristics, classification, scientific and common names, and landscape uses of approximately 51 summer- and fall-blooming native and non-native perennials. Plea more...
09/09 Sa 10:00am-01:45pm Hagen
This course is designed for horticulturists, gardeners, or designers who want to learn to identify and classify familiar and unusual spring-, summer-, and autumn-flowering bulbs. We will also focus on understanding their biology. Prerequisite: Introduction to Plant Science

Mate more...
03/15 Th 04:30pm-06:30pm Hagen