Elizabeth Poccia
Elizabeth  Poccia Elizabeth Poccia recently received a Certificate in Landscape Design from the New York Botanical Garden. She is an Assistant Designer to Bill Einhorn's firm, LDAW Landscape Architecture, where she is involved in high end residential design. She is passionate about using graphics as a tool to communicate reality to plan.

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This course is also required for the Horticulture Certificate TRACK 4.
Graphics are essential in developing and communicating your design ideas. Practice various graphic techniques and learn how to organize and render landscape plans on paper for optimal pre more...
01/08 Mo 06:15pm-09:15pm Poccia
Sharpen your graphic skills as you create a file of symbols and styles to draw upon for future professional use. Techniques for black-and-white and color rendering, sheet layout, section elevations, and perspectives are covered.Prerequisite: Graphics I

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01/11 Th 06:15pm-09:15pm Poccia