Michael Blakeney
Michael Blakeney Michael Blakeney started gardening in his backyard over 25 years ago with the intent to master making dill pickles. He is an avid canner and creates his own garden-based personal care products. Michael is an estate manager and oversees the development of a commercial organic farm in Westchester County. He has blogged about his backyard garden for the Cooking Channel and the garden has been featured in The New York Times Magazine.

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Classes by this instructor

This course is also required for the Horticultural Therapy Certificate.
Explore the basic principles underlying successful, environmentally friendly gardening, including the structure and physiological processes of plants and their relationships to the settings more...
06/02 Sa 11:00am-02:00pm Blakeney
Turn your homegrown herbs and fruits into sophisticated drinks! Michael Blakeney, a private estate gardener whose botanical beverages have been featured in The New York Times Magazine, will show you how. He'll demonstrate how to concoct shrubs, or infusions made with vinegar, that can be mixe more...
07/12 Th 06:30pm-08:30pm Blakeney
  08/16 Th 06:30pm-08:30pm Blakeney