Graham Glauber
Graham Glauber Graham Glauber is a self-proclaimed plant geek with a passion for the outdoors. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, he has worked in many areas of the green industries, including retail nursery sales, landscape design and construction, and estate horticulture. He received his B.S. in Sustainable Landscape Horticulture from the University of Vermont. Currently, he serves as the property manager overseeing all horticulture operations at AP Farm in Cross River, New York. He also owns his own landscape design and construction company, Guard Hill Landscapes, based out of Bedford, New York.

Classes by this instructor

Learn how to grow garden-fresh vegetables and herbs year-round. Discover which varieties do best in containers and how to care for them. Special attention is paid to those varieties that not only taste great but also look beautiful, including varieties that have interesting or unusual blooms and more...
05/13 Sa 12:45pm-02:45pm Glauber
May 13, Watson Education Building, NYBG

All About Containers Saturday

No land? No problem! Containers can bring added color, form, and texture to any space—deck, rooftop, terrace, front porch, or window sill. With the right combination of plants, cont more...
05/13 Sa 10:00am-05:00pm Beyers
Pests and diseases can pop up anywhere—even on a 20th-floor balcony! Learn the classic signs of infections and infestations found in urban pots and planters. Get tips on how to properly clean and disinfect your containers, and other measures to control and prevent problems in your terrace gard more...
06/17 Sa 03:00pm-05:00pm Glauber
June 17
Midtown Education Center, Manhattan

Gardens tucked into roofs and balconies beautify our urban mosaic and connect us to nature. But every urban terrace gardener knows the challenge of dealing with conditions such as harsh sun, perpetual shade, relentless wind, and man more...
06/17 Sa 10:00am-05:00pm Langone