Tremeur Arbor
Tremeur Arbor Tremeur Arbor grew up in France, where he studied music, biology, and wine. Since moving to New York in 1998, he has worked in the food and wine industry, and now studies botany and herbalism. More recently, Tremeur created Wine Botany, which invites people to explore wine-from the plant and its terroir to its role in culture and lifestyle, and how the body reacts to its components. Through its comprehensive and holistic approach, Wine Botany cares for the planet, as well as for people's health and wellness.

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The centuries-old botanical history of aperitifs and digestifs, from Chartreuse to Fernet Branca, stems in part from a monastic quest to divine an "elixir of long life." Many cultures still commonly consume these herbal drinks, made of complex mixtures of plant material, for their unique flavor prof more...
04/07 Sa 02:00pm-04:00pm Arbor
Wine carries the flavor of the land where its grapes are grown— something the French call terroir. Regions where the same grape varieties grow differ in terms of climate and soil composition. This is partly why Chardonnay wines made in California will taste drastically different from more...
07/19 Th 06:30pm-08:30pm Arbor
  08/09 Th 06:30pm-08:30pm Arbor