Michele Langone
Michele Langone Michele Langone earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Landscape Horticulture from the University of Vermont. She got her start working at both retail and wholesale nurseries in her home state of Massachusetts. For the last three years, she has worked as a landscape designer in Westchester County, NY.

Classes by this instructor

Learn the basics to successfully cultivate perennials in a variety of garden settings. Discussion topics include site selection, soil preparation, tools and planting techniques, maintenance practices, plant selection, landscape use, and design basics. Please bring lunch.

04/15 Sa 09:00am-04:00pm Langone
City terraces often are exposed to difficult growing conditions that create microclimates out of sync with the planting zone found on the ground, and plantings in containers are particularly vulnerable to the elements. Learn how to select and maintain plants best suited for life on a terrace. You'll more...
06/17 Sa 10:00am-12:00pm Langone
June 17
Midtown Education Center, Manhattan

Gardens tucked into roofs and balconies beautify our urban mosaic and connect us to nature. But every urban terrace gardener knows the challenge of dealing with conditions such as harsh sun, perpetual shade, relentless wind, and man more...
06/17 Sa 10:00am-05:00pm Langone