Douglas Dubler
Douglas Dubler Douglas Dubler is a fashion and beauty photographer who seamlessly joins craft and creativity to produce some of the most memorable images in editorial, advertising and fine art photography. Douglas Dubler is one of Epson's Stylus Pros and also one of the X-Rite Elite Master "Coloratti". In a career that has spanned more than 4 decades he has constantly pursued the elusive fine art print. From his early exposure to Adams' Zone System to dye transfer and Fresson printing, Douglas has combined aesthetics and technology together with a very critical eye to produce exquisitely detailed fine art digital prints. His early training in Fine and Liberal Arts at Boston University led to a professional photographic career first working with underwater life and later with editorial assignments for Amica, Lei, and Italian Vogue. For the past two decades, Douglas has been working as a creative director/photographer for the majority of his clients, and is acknowledged as one of the industry's leading color management experts, specializing in fine art digital printmaking.

Classes by this instructor

After decades as a sought-after fashion photographer, Douglas knows what makes a compelling image. Using examples from his own photos and those of the masters, he demonstrates how to create powerful images with light, shape, and form-and without fancy equipment. Walk away from this session with a more...
05/20 Sa 01:00pm-04:00pm Dubler
Capture the ephemeral quality of spring with the bokeh effect, a soft out-of-focus background achieved by shooting a subject with a fast lens at the widest aperture. After viewing a variety of botanical images that use bokeh, you will practice this new skill on the Garden grounds. Bring your trip more...
05/06 Sa 03:00pm-06:00pm Dubler