Barbara Ambrose
Barbara Ambrose Barbara A. Ambrose, Ph.D., is the Cullman Assistant Curator in Plant Genomics at The New York Botanical Garden. Her expertise is in plant genomics, morphology, and evolution and development. Among other topics, she is currently researching the genetic basis for the evolution of leaves in certain fern species.

For Entwined, she will present:
Building Beauty: Exploring the Genomic Landscape of Plant Biodiversity
Plant exploration occurs at many levels and can lead to the discovery of new species to the discovery of new genes. In plant genomics we are discovering the genes that underlie plant diversity particularly those that are important for building leaves, flowers and fruits. These structures come in a myriad of forms, however, we are discovering what the common genes or building blocks are for each of these structures as well as how the diversity of their form may be generated.

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