George Hudler, Ph.D.
George Hudler, Ph.D. George Hudler, Ph.D., recently concluded a 40-year career with Cornell University, focused on research, teaching, and public outreach relating to diseases of trees and shrubs in the Northeast and now serves on the Board of Trustees of The Tree Fund. His talk will cover Phytophtora, Oak Wilt, and Bacterial Leaf Scorch, among other diseases.

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Oaks form the arboreal framework of the forests, parks, and gardens of the Northeast. They provide shade, valuable timber, and food for an astonishing variety of wildlife ranging from black bears to the larvae of Horace's Duskywing butterflies. Unfortunately, environmental change and an increasin more...
03/10 Fr 08:30am-01:30pm Logan
Schuster, Ph.D
Hendrickson, Ph.D.
Hudler, Ph.D.