John Michelotti
John Michelotti John Michelotti is the owner of Catskill Fungi. Empowering people through Fungi via outdoor guided mushroom classes, cultivation courses, educational talks, and home-made mushroom health supplements.

John is the President of the Mid-Hudson Mycological Association (MHMA), a member of COMA, PVMA, and North American Mycological Association (NA-MA). He has visited dozens of mushroom farms from small-scale farms to the largest operations in the country. He served on the Mushroom Advisory Panel for Certified Naturally Grown to help develop the standards for ecological practices in mushroom production. He has worked with Amazon Mycoren-weal Project to conduct research utilizing Fungi to remediate oil spills and other contaminants.

Classes by this instructor

Mushrooms have been utilized for thousands of years for medicinal and edible purposes. John Michelotti, owner of Catskill Fungi, will show you how to cultivate gourmet mushrooms at home using safe and simple techniques. Using cardboard and coffee grounds, create your own oyster mushroom starter (Ple more...
06/05 We 06:15pm-09:15pm Michelotti
  09/14 Sa 10:00am-01:00pm Michelotti
Discover how fungi are being used to degrade pollutants and clean up the environment by filtering water, removing heavy metals from soil, remediating microbes, and breaking down plastics. Mycologist John Michelotti will discuss current mycoremediation efforts around the world—including his own more...
06/15 Sa 10:00am-01:00pm Michelotti
  07/23 Tu 10:00am-01:00pm Michelotti