Nancy MacNamara
Nancy MacNamara Nancy MacNamara is the founder of Honey Locust Pharm House, which provides organic gourmet produce to some of the top market restaurants in New York City and the Hudson Valley. After contracting Lyme disease during a woodland forage, Nancy's attention turned toward the healing powers of her crops. Her tisanes, teas, elixirs, and tinctures frequently sell out at local farmers markets throughout the region.

Classes by this instructor

There's more to blending tea than simply tossing herbs together. Nancy MacNamara—whose teas are a perennial favorite at NYBG's Farmers Market—will discuss the flavor profiles of various dried leaves, roots, barks, fruits, flowers, and berries, as well as how to combine these ingredients more...
07/13 Sa 11:00am-02:00pm MacNamara