Maria Elena Pombo
Maria Elena Pombo Maria Elena Pombo founded Fragmentario in 2016 to explore natural dyes in a modern context and inspire conversations about cultural heritage and collective memory. She uses plants to color fiber for personal and commissioned work, and prioritizes the use of plants that are byproducts of other industries, such as avocado seeds and onion skins. A fashion design graduate from Parsons School of Design and former designer at Michael Kors, she has taught workshops in Italy, Spain, Germany, and NYC, and has a diverse clientele in the film, music, and design industries.

Classes by this instructor

Uncover the hidden and powerful color properties of flowers, as well as the history and basics of dyeing with plants by using different flowers to create tones from yellow and orange to pink and purple. Each participant will receive one silk scarf to dye during the workshop.

05/31 Fr 02:00pm-05:00pm Pombo