Arvolyn Hill
Arvolyn Hill Arvolyn Hill is a flower essence practitioner whose practice addresses both individual ailments and the lingering effects of ancestral trauma. She lives a full life working in NYBG's Children's Education Department, DJing under the name DJ Doctor, and combines her love of botanicals and music when she teaches for Girls, Inc. Arvolyn's professions and hobbies are all centered around making people feel better.

Classes by this instructor

Since ancient Greece, herbalists have made oxymels, syrups that mix honey and vinegar with bitter medicinal roots to make them easier to ingest. Today, oxymels are gaining in popularity as an alternative way to take in the healing benefits of herbs, distinct from tinctures and teas. Discover the hea more...
04/18 Th 06:30pm-08:00pm Hill
  06/29 Sa 11:00am-12:30pm Hill