Jordan Chapelle
Jordan Chapelle Jordan Chapelle has been a designer in top floral studios for over eight years. He was formerly the Senior Visual Designer at Ovando in New York City and Head Designer and Event Manager at Da Vinci, outside of Washington, DC. Having moved into the freelance market, Jordan has designed for headliner firms like Putnam & Putnam, David Monn, and Louis Konstantinos, to name a few.

Classes by this instructor

Create your own professional-looking arrangements with economical, store-bought bouquets. Using simple design principles and fresh flowers from European-style displays in your grocery store, learn how to design and create your own elegant arrangements. $45 materials fee.

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04/24 We 06:00pm-08:00pm Chapelle
The ability to command a broad vocabulary of styles defines the professional floral designer. From Neo-Classical and Victorian to English garden and Flemish, understanding floral styles expands your design options, evokes specific moods, and helps create the perfect setting. $245 materials fee. P more...
05/07 Tu 10:30am-03:00pm Chapelle
Design and create arrangements appropriate for the ceremony, season, and setting, including aisle and altar designs, pew arrangements, and banquet table centerpieces. Work with a remarkable array of flowers, foliage, and fabrics to create captivating garlands and columns. Discussions include a varie more...
04/08 Mo 06:15pm-08:55pm Chapelle
Gather your friends, sisters, or mom for a night of fun and flowers. Create your own professionallooking floral arrangement while enjoying hors d'oeuvres, music, and the company of other women. One part class, one part party, our Girls' Night Out is a wonderful way to unwind while learning so more...
05/01 We 06:30pm-08:30pm Chapelle
  06/27 Th 06:30pm-08:30pm Chapelle
Make a statement using tropical foliage such as monstera, smilax, and bird's nest fern. Jordan Chapelle, formerly Senior Visual Designer at Ovando, shows you how to let the bold leaf shapes guide your design. Discover many techniques to make a strong visual impact without relying primarily on flower more...
05/22 We 11:00am-03:00pm Chapelle