Dennis Stevenson
Dennis Stevenson Dennis Stevenson is the Vice President for Laboratory Research and Cullman Senior Curator at NYBG. His major research focus in the past few years has been Cycadales (cycads) and their placement in the development and diversification of seed plants, while his other major research interest is the systematics of the monocots, with research topics including developmental floral morphology, embryology, and inflorescence structure. Dennis is widely published and is the Editor of the Botanical Review, and he holds a doctorate in Plant Biology from University of California Davis.

Classes by this instructor

Over billions of years, life on Earth has evolved in all its marvelous diversity. In this talk and walk through the Haupt Conservatory and Pfizer Lab, Dr. Dennis Stevenson explains the Tree of Life (family tree of plants) and how its information is applied to contemporary problems in human endeavors more...
04/16 Tu 10:00am-01:00pm Stevenson