Nancy Slowik
Nancy Slowik Nancy Slowik is a research associate with Hudsonia Field Station, working on biodiversity assessment and research projects, and serves as a lead consultant, facilitating a native plant propagation and restoration project in the Ramapo Mountains for a private land owner. Previously, she was the director of Greenbrook Sanctuary in the New Jersey Palisades and co-founder of the Green Belt Native Plant Center—the first native plant propagation program for the New York City Parks Department. Slowik has taught natural history programs and led guided walks in the metropolitan area for 35 years and is the author of two books on local flora, including A Naturalist's Guide to the Southern Palisades.

Classes by this instructor

Our native wildflowers, trees, and shrubs signal rebirth in spring. Learn to identify them and become familiar with their structure and taxonomy. Take part in field walks and classroom sessions, and practice using taxonomic keys. Students are required to make their own collections of plants and m more...
04/21 Fr 10:00am-01:00pm Slowik
The NYBG Urban Naturalist Certificate Program will equip you with the observation, interpretation and documentation skills necessary to become a citizen scientist and an effective environmental steward. Led by Mike Feller, our team of expert naturalists, including Ken Chaya and Nancy Slowi more...
04/19 We 10:00am-04:00pm Feller