James Carr
James Carr James Carr has a degree in Biology from Brooklyn College and specializes in ecological horticulture, which involves the creation and maintenance of ecological landscapes, organic flower, vegetable and herb gardens, and small-scale organic farming. He was the former curator of the organically grown tropical fruit and spice plant collection in the educational greenhouse of the New Canaan Nature Center in Connecticut.

Classes by this instructor

Learn how to grow more fruits and vegetables in less space by making the most of your growing area and by extending the gardening season. Discover organic methods that take advantage of passive solar heating, vertical space, raised beds, and other techniques. Enjoy nutritious, freshly picked garde more...
03/04 Sa 10:00am-01:00pm Carr
Raised beds are used to grow more vegetables, herbs, or ornamentals in a given area with less effort. They also help to overcome difficult situations such as wet soil, limited space, or poor light. Raised beds are ideal in many therapeutic settings as well, because they elevate the plants, bringi more...
03/04 Sa 02:00pm-04:00pm Carr