Jennifer Bakshi
Jennifer Bakshi Jennifer Bakshi is a certified landscape designer, horticulturist, and Master Gardener. She is also a garden lecturer, hands-on gardener, and has her own design company, Urban Oasis Landscape Design, LLC.

Classes by this instructor

Botanical Latin is essential for anyone with a serious interest in identifying plants. But, contrary to popular belief, mastering Latin plant names need not be intimidating or boring. Review the rules of taxonomy, Latin grammar, and pronunciation, and learn the history of the binomial system in use more...
03/12 Mo 06:15pm-08:15pm Bakshi
The amazing explorations of the Age of Discovery led to a wealth of previously unknown plants-all of which needed to be accurately named and described for scientific purposes. Follow the Perry Expedition to Japan and Lewis and Clark's trek across the western U.S., and learn about the discovery of ma more...
03/07 We 11:00am-01:00pm Bakshi