Mike Feller
Mike Feller Program Coordinator Mike Feller spent 31 years as Chief Naturalist for NYC Parks Natural Resource Group (NRG), where he led a team of 25, supervised the design and execution of myriad ecological restorations, and oversaw NRG's environmental education program. Mike spearheaded the creation of the Forever Wild Program that established 51 nature preserves throughout New York City. His photos of urban nature have appeared in many books, magazines, and corporate offices.

Classes by this instructor

Naturalists are keen observers of the world around them and have played an integral role in the evolution of scientific thought. Now, you can be one too! With the help of expert naturalists, hone your ability to identify plants and animals, using a 10x hand lens, dichotomous keys, and field guides. more...
01/20 Sa 10:00am-02:00pm Feller

Explore the rocky coastline in search of harbor seals basking in the sun, loons, and other wintering waterfowl. Then move into the woods to try to spot the owls' "fly out" at dusk.
12/16 Sa 01:00pm-05:00pm Feller