Dick Rauh
Dick Rauh Dick Rauh, Ph.D., received a Gold Medal for his illustrations of dry fruits and other remnants in the January 2006 Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show in London, where he also earned a Best in Show.

Classes by this instructor

Tiny flowers and fruits have fascinating architecture; to render them properly requires enlargement. During the first class, use a dissecting scope to closely look at samples and measure them for the final artwork. Learn specific techniques on how to scale up subjects. The second class will be sp more...
06/13 Tu 10:00am-03:30pm Rauh
From the fiddlehead to the frond, ferns have a charm all their own. In the studio and the Conservatory, you'll examine some of their special adaptations and growth patterns, then use your graphite pencil or pen and ink to create graceful images of different genera in this beautiful and varied gro more...
03/02 Th 10:00am-03:30pm Rauh
Examine the enormous variety of forms and structural adaptations of flowering plants- the world's dominant plant group. Through lectures, demonstrations, and laboratory studies, learn to recognize and draw the many plant parts and growth stages of the most common plant families. Drawing experience more...
04/17 Mo 10:00am-12:30pm Rauh