Dick Rauh
Dick Rauh Dick Rauh, Ph.D., received a Gold Medal for his illustrations of dry fruits and other remnants in the January 2006 Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show in London, where he also earned a Best in Show.

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Many flowers and fruits have fascinating architecture that must be enlarged in order to be rendered properly. Use a dissecting microscope to closely examine samples and learn specific techniques to measure and scale up your botanical subjects for final artwork. You'll also use watercolor to begin pa more...
06/12 Tu 10:00am-03:30pm Rauh
Examine the enormous variety of forms and structural adaptations of flowering plants—the world's dominant plant group. Through lectures, demonstrations, and laboratory studies, learn to recognize and draw the many plant parts and growth stages of the most common plant families. Drawing exp more...
04/11 We 10:00am-12:30pm Rauh
Flowers exist to produce seeds, and some flower species have developed fascinating structures to aid pollination and seed distribution. Use microscopes to investigate this intricate architecture, while capturing its beauty in graphite. Focus on how form follows function in flowers.
Prerequ more...
05/15 Tu 10:00am-02:30pm Rauh