Nancy Gerlach-Spriggs
Nancy Gerlach-Spriggs Nancy Gerlach-Spriggs, MLA, has a BSLA from City College and a MLA from Harvard University. She designs small-scale residential landscapes and is author of Restorative Gardens: The Healing Landscape, Yale University Press.

She has taught in the NYBG Landscape Design Certificate Program for more than fifteen years and serves as Program Advisor for the Landscape Design Program.

Classes by this instructor

Gain an introduction to the terminology, concepts, and basic principles of landscape design through lectures and simple two-dimensional exercises. This course is recommended for students with little or no background in design who want to design for their own home or who are considering a Certific more...
09/18 Mo 10:00am-01:00pm Gerlach-Spriggs
Apply basic design concepts to site-specific problems, focusing on the process of design development. Start with a conceptual design, then progress through the schematic phase, leading to a preliminary design solution. Examine the relationships of landscape elements and materials to the design pr more...
09/13 We 10:00am-01:00pm Gerlach-Spriggs