Jamie Boyer, Ph.D.
Jamie Boyer, Ph.D. Jamie Boyer, Ph.D., is the Marian S. Heiskell Vice President for Children's Education at The New York Botanical Garden. He holds a doctorate in Plant Biology from SUNY-Binghamton.

Classes by this instructor

Get a solid grounding in the basic plant body, from the cell to the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. After an overview of microscope use and fundamental science in the first session, you'll use both dissecting and compound light microscopes to observe plant anatomy. Moving on, we'll int more...
01/29 Mo 05:00pm-08:00pm Boyer, Ph.D.
Explore the myriad structures and life cycles of the vast diversity of plants, algae, fungi, and bacteria. Delve into the evolutionary reasons behind how and why scientists have divided and classified these organisms. We will also discuss biomes and ecological concepts. Prerequisite: Plant Struc more...
10/16 Mo 06:15pm-09:15pm Boyer, Ph.D.