Chris Raimondi, CLP
Chris Raimondi, CLP Christopher S. Raimondi, CLP, is president of The Raimondi Group, a horticultural, floral, and event-planning firm. An instructor at the Botanical Garden for more than 15 years, he is active in numerous trade associations, serving on several boards.

Classes by this instructor

Florists and floral designers who want long-lasting, gorgeous interior plantings won't want to miss this unique class from florist, horticulturist, and indoor plant expert Chris Raimondi. In this class, Chris shares essential horticulture practices for proper selection and maintenance of plants used more...
05/03 Th 10:00am-02:30pm Raimondi, CLP
Would you like to bring the outside inside? Green walls bring a striking beauty to any room, and help create a calm, healthy environment, by reducing noise, removing air toxins, and adding moisture and fresh oxygen to your living area. Discover best practices about what hardware, plants, and waterin more...
06/22 Fr 10:00am-02:00pm Raimondi, CLP