John Beirne
John Beirne John Beirne, HTR, a horticultural and garden-design consultant, runs a horticultural therapy program at New Bridge Services, Inc., a mental health center in Pompton Plains, N.J.

Classes by this instructor

Horticultural therapy is practiced in a multitude of behavioral health settings, including hospitals, day treatment programs, group homes, and private homes. Learn the diagnostic criteria for major psychiatric conditions, including anxiety, mood, psychotic, cognitive, and substance abuse disorder more...
08/07 Mo 10:00am-03:30pm Beirne
Evaluate tools, equipment, structures, and techniques used by participants in horticultural therapy activities. Design and construct adaptive tools and assistive devices through problem-solving activities. Expand your plant-selecting skills for specific therapeutic programming needs as you explor more...
07/10 Mo 10:00am-03:30pm D'Amico