Batya Gorin
Batya Gorin Batya Gorin is a lifelong home gardener and has a Certificate in Horticulture & Ornamental Garden Design from NYBG. She has been working with the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy as a tour docent, gardening volunteer, and publicist since 2013. Batya is also the Coordinator of the volunteer program and a member of the Board of Directors, while maintaining a list of clients in Westchester, where she continues work in garden design and maintenance.

Classes by this instructor

Envisioned to make paradise manifest on Earth, Persian gardens are known for their masterful use of geometry and water. Explore how this garden design style evolved from antiquity through the 19th century with Stephen F. Byrns, founder of the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy. He will discuss the arc more...
09/27 Fr 10:00am-03:30pm Byrns