Richard Rosiello
Richard Rosiello Richard Rosiello is the owner of Rosiello Designs, LLC, a designer at Meadowbook Gardens, a member of APLD Connecticut, and alumni of NYBG's Landscape Design Certificate Program. Originally trained as a painter, he transitioned into a Landscape Designer. Shaping the land, working with stone and water, creating gardens and sculpting spaces represents for him a natural extension of his artist sensibilities in his current work for clients.

Classes by this instructor

Whether in a shady corner or a sunny border, selecting the right plant combinations makes the difference between a ho-hum garden and one that gets rave reviews. Concentrating on perennials, learn to use color, texture, height, and bloom when combining plants to create a harmonious look for your g more...
02/28 We 10:30am-03:00pm Rosiello
  03/24 Sa 10:30am-03:00pm Rosiello
Wake Up Your Garden!

February 10, Watson Education Building, NYBG
February 24, New Canaan Nature Center, New Canaan, CT

Spring is just around the corner, and with a little advance preparation you will be ready to start the growing season right. Ga more...
02/24 Sa 10:00am-05:00pm Beyers
If you get your soil right from the start, your garden will explode in lushness. Rich, nutritious soil makes for large, healthy plants and reduces the need for regular fertilization. Learn the difference between soil structure and texture; how these differences affect plant growth; and how you ca more...
02/24 Sa 12:45pm-02:45pm Rosiello
Whether it's due to the type of soil near your fountain or excessive moisture by your pond, planting around water features can be tricky. Landscape designer Richard Rosiello shows you how and where topperforming water-loving plants thrive, from irises and Colocasia to Eupatorium cultivars and others more...
03/15 Th 10:00am-02:30pm Rosiello