Sheri Forster
Sheri Forster Sheri Forster received a Certificate in Horticulture from the Botanical Garden. As principal of The Scottish Gardener, she designs, installs, and maintains gardens in New York City and Connecticut.

Classes by this instructor

Whether in a shady corner or a sunny border, selecting the right plant combinations makes the difference between a ho-hum garden and one that gets rave reviews. Concentrating on perennials, learn to use color, texture, height, and bloom when combining plants to create a harmonious look for your gard more...
01/31 Th 10:30am-03:00pm Forster
  02/27 We 10:30am-03:00pm Forster
Gain an introduction to the terminology, concepts, and basic principles of landscape design through lectures and simple two-dimensional exercises. This course is recommended for students with little or no background in design who want to design for their own home or who are considering a Certificate more...
03/07 Th 10:00am-01:00pm Forster