Hanna Packer
Hanna Packer Hanna Packer, APLD, previously Senior Designer with Town and Gardens, Ltd., a comprehensive landscape design–build company specializing in urban spaces, is currently Principal of Hanna Packer Design Inc., of Great Neck, New York. She holds Certificates in Landscape Design and Horticulture from NYBG, where she teaches green wall and roof garden design.


Classes by this instructor

Explore various types of green walls used in the United States and Europe. Learn what system might best fit your project, what it takes to build such a wall, and how much maintenance is needed. Gain an understanding of the process from design to installation of one interior and one exterior green more...
04/18 Tu 06:00pm-08:00pm Packer
Study basic design, installation, and maintenance strategies for green roofs. Using case studies and discussion, this introductory course explores approaches and standards for developing green roof technologies in the Metropolitan New York region.

06/20 Tu 06:00pm-08:00pm Packer