Nicholas Storrs
Nicholas Storrs Nick Storrs, Urban Farm Manager at the Randall's Island Urban Farm, grew up on a small subsistence farm in New Hampshire. After receiving a B.A. from McGill University he worked in Brazil and Bolivia growing vegetables and coffee, and later apprenticed at the Last Resort Farm in northern Vermont, producing vegetables for local markets and grocery stores. Since moving to New York City he has worked as a gardener for the Central Park Conservancy and obtained a Certificate of Horticulture from the New York Botanical Gardens. He is a contributor to the Five Borough Farm Project, an initiative of the Design Trust for Public Space, as well as to research conducted by the Northeast Rice Association in conjunction with Cornell University. Currently, he leads the Randall's Island Park Alliance's edible education initiative, provides consultation to GrowNYC's School Mini-Grant Program, and participates in the Slow Tools Initiative, imparting his passion for healthy food to NYC students while encouraging them to take an active part in their own landscape and health.

Classes by this instructor

Abundant and delicious home-grown vegetables can be a huge commitment-so it pays to be smart with your time and labor. Learn techniques such as succession and companion planting, stacking, and vertical growing so you can enjoy a steady harvest, a wide variety of delicious vegetables, and a garden more...
03/08 We 10:30am-01:30pm Storrs
Vegetables have their own special requirements, and whether you're a novice or an experienced grower, you'll get more from your garden this season using these time- tested techniques. The two-hour session covers site selection, bed and soil preparation, optimal planting times, and harvesting strat more...
04/01 Sa 10:00am-12:00pm Storrs
April 1 Watson Education Building, NYBG

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners Saturday

Fresh, homegrown vegetables are healthful and flavorful and don't have to be difficult to grow. Learn the basic skills of proper bed and soil preparation, key planting tips, more...
04/01 Sa 10:00am-05:00pm Storrs
Examine pre-planting procedures, from soil preparation to crop rotation planning. Study the timing and techniques of planting, pest management and and harvest and post-harvest handling. Survey heirloom varieties, new cultivars, and classic selections.

02/28 Tu 06:15pm-09:15pm Storrs
  04/26 We 06:15pm-08:15pm Storrs
No more shopping at the market for basil and thyme! Learn how to create your own aromatic mini-garden with fresh herbs you can enjoy year-round. Whether you're growing indoors or outdoors, learn which herbs are easiest to maintain, most beneficial to use, and most popular in the gardening world.
05/20 Sa 12:45pm-02:15pm Storrs
The bounty from your vegetable garden doesn't have to end on Labor Day! Identify which veggies will thrive in the fall months, improving in flavor as the weather cools. Learn what to plant and when for a peak fall harvest, as well as how to protect against late season pests and frost.
08/08 Tu 06:15pm-08:15pm Storrs