Karine Gordineer
Karine Gordineer Karine Gordineer is a Master Herbalist, Certified Plant Spirit Healing Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and Educator with over 28 years-experience in herbalism and the healing arts. Her introduction into herbalism, shamanism and Earth healing practices began as she learned from her father, who was of Algonquin heritage and taught her the secrets of the medicinal plants and the healing ways of her ancestors. Both her matrilineal grandfather and great-grandfather were herbalists as well. Karine is the founder of Green Girl Herbs & Healing, an herbal remedy and healing company.

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Classes by this instructor

For centuries herbs and spices have been prized not just for their flavors, but as state-of-the-art medicine. Learn about a variety of plants historically used for first aid, to revitalize the immune system, and to treat and prevent asthma, insomnia, sinusitis, bronchitis, colds and flu, and much more...
01/27 Sa 10:00am-02:30pm Gordineer
Perfume can be traced back thousands of years to an Ancient Egyptian tradition, beloved by Cleopatra. Discover the history of perfume and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in this hands-on workshop. Learn scent-blending techniques and how to identify and keep perfume notes. Formulate three more...
02/10 Sa 10:00am-01:00pm Gordineer
Herbal Saturday

October 21, Midtown Education Center, Manhattan
Herbs have been helping us stay healthy for thousands of years. Spend a day with herbal experts and learn how plants can be used for medicine, aroma, and refreshment.

10:30 am–12 pm, Intro to more...
10/21 Sa 10:30am-04:30pm Basch
Herbal healing can be as simple as a cup of tea! This informative session covers the medicinal qualities and uses of easy-to-find herbs, and how to combine their roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds into effective, pleasing blends. Come discover the ancient art and power of this simple daily ri more...
10/21 Sa 02:30pm-04:30pm Gordineer
Join Karine Gordineer, a herbalist of Algonquin ancestry, in exploring native and naturalized plants long used by Native Americans for their healing powers. See how indigenous approaches differ from Western herbalism. Tour the Native Plant Garden to learn to identify particular species, and prepare more...
10/28 Sa 10:30am-04:00pm Gordineer