Plant Structure - 173BOT315B
Get a solid grounding in the basic plant body, from the cell to the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. After an overview of microscope use and fundamental science in the first session, you'll use both dissecting and compound light microscopes to observe plant anatomy. Moving on, we'll introduce the base-level chemistry required for understanding the world of plants.

Required Text:
Raven PH, Evert RF, & Eichhorn SE. Biology of Plants, 8th edition. W.H. Freeman, 2013.
Schedule: Thursdays, 03/16/17 - 05/11/17
Times: 06:15pm - 09:15pm
Instructor: Acer VanWallendael
Location: NYBG, Watson Room 315
Price: Member (Incl. Materials) : $559.00
Non-Member (Incl. Materials) : $615.00