Fundamentals of Gardening - 173GAR301A
Explore the basic principles underlying successful, environmentally friendly gardening, including the structure and physiological processes of plants and their relationships to the settings in which they grow. Students learn not only what to do, but why. Topics include soils and their improvement, seed sowing, vegetative propagation, planting, pruning, watering, weeding, mulching, and disease and pest control.

Required Texts:
Botany for Gardners, by Brian Capon (ISBN-13: 978-1604690958)
Foolproof Planting, by Anne Moyer Halpin (ISBN-13: 978-0878579945)
The Pruning of Trees and Shrubs, by George E. Brown (ISBN-13: 978- 1604690026)
Start with the Soil, by Grace Gershuny (ISBN-13: 978-0875966977)

Schedule: Mondays, 03/20/17 - 04/10/17
Times: 06:00pm - 09:00pm
Instructor: Michael Ruggiero
Location: NYBG, Watson Room 102
Price: This session is not currently open for registration.

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