Paper Peonies with Livia Cetti - 174CRF250
"Are those flowers real?" It's a question Livia Cetti, the nation's premier paper flower artist, hears a lot. And make no mistake, the high-style, ethereal blooms she twists and folds from delicate, hand-dyed paper are remarkably realistic. Timeless and magical, her work has been featured by Martha Stewart and Vogue magazine, in addition to being sold by high-end stores such as John Derian.

In this special workshop, Livia shows you how to make a charm peony from stem to stamen. Bleach, cut, and shape your paper into petals that you assemble using wire and floral tape, creating an exquisite, lifelike flower that will brighten your home regardless of the season.

Schedule: Wednesday, 06/14/17
Times: 10:00am - 02:30pm
Instructor: Livia Cetti
Location: NYBG, Watson Room 101
Price: Member : $149.00
Non-Member : $165.00
Waitlist: $0.00
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