The HSNY's GreenHouse Program on Rikers Island - 174THR537
Hands-on healing and learning through horticulture takes place at HSNY's GreenHouse program on Rikers Island. Designed and built by individuals who are incarcerated and their instructors, the garden features a native woodland, nursery, and vegetable and herb gardens. HSNY's horticultural therapists will give an overview of the program, and then you will spend the rest of the morning with participants at the GreenHouse.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

Schedule: Thursday, 06/08/17
Times: 06:30am - 01:00pm
Instructor: Hilda Krus, HTR
Location: Off Site, Off Site
Price: Member : $135.00
Non-Member : $149.00
Waitlist: $0.00
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Prerequisite:    Introduction to Horticultural Therapy

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