Intro to Meditation - 174WEL104
Everything in our life is in continuous flux; yet we try to manipulate this changing world to attain happiness: "As soon as I finish this work project I can finally relax" or "When the weather becomes sunnier then I'll feel much happier." It always seems, however, that a new problem crops up to take the place of the issue we've just resolved. From the Buddhist standpoint, happiness is not dependent on unreliable material conditions, but rather on the cultivation of a mind that is relaxed, kind, and clear. In this class we will learn basic meditation techniques that give rise to clear and loving states of mind, not only to "relax," but also to more clearly tap into the richness of being awake. The session will include brief, guided meditations.

Schedule: Saturday, 04/01/17
Times: 10:30am - 12:30pm
Instructor: Lisa Wang
Location: Midtown Center, Room A
Price: Member : $39.00
Non-Member : $45.00