Landscape Measurement - 181LAN340C
Precise field measurement is the crucial first step in landscape design. Learn how to properly use automatic levels, tapes, and sophisticated survey instruments such as a total-station and mapping grade GPS. Topics will include accurately measuring distances, differences in elevation, and angles. A basic understanding of geometry and trigonometry is helpful. Dress for the weather.

Required Text:
Construction Surveying & Layout, Wesley G. Crawford;
3rd Edition (December 23, 2002),
Schedule: Saturdays, 09/09/17 - 10/14/17 (no class 09/30/17, 10/07/17)
Times: 10:00am - 01:00pm
Instructor: Wayne Cahilly
Location: NYBG, Watson Room 305
Price: This session is not currently open for registration.

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