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NYBG Classes & Registration

How do I get help choosing classes?

Program Coordinators are available for student counseling as it relates to course work. Program Coordinators are experts who are experienced instructors and working professionals in their respective areas. You can get in touch with a Program Coordinator at 718.817.8594 or by e-mailing

Where are classes offered?

The Garden offers classes at the Garden, in Midtown Manhattan, and at satellite locations in Westchester, Dutchess, and Fairfield counties. Click on the links below to get the class list for each location.

How do I get to class?

Click here to get directions to each of our locations.

What is the process for getting off the wait list?

If you are on the wait list for a class and a space opens up you will be contacted by the NYBG Registration staff by phone and/or email. Students are contacted in the order in which they appear on the wait list. If demand for a class is high, we will occasionally create a new section to accomodate students. If you are on the wait list and a new section for a class is created, you will be contacted.

How do I find out if class is canceled?

If a class is canceled because it does not meet minimum enrollment, you will be called and/or emailed approximately one week prior to the class start date. Please make sure that we have your most current contact information on file so we can reach you in the event of cancelation.

In case of inclement weather, an announcement will be posted on the Adult Education home page. You can also call 718.817.8747 (prompt 2) for information on class postponements. It is the student’s responsibility to call to learn if a class is postponed due to weather. Students are to call the Registration Office for a voice-mail message on class status recorded by:

  • 7:30 a.m. for classes beginning 9–11:45 a.m.
  • 10:30 a.m. for classes beginning 12–3 p.m.
  • 1 p.m. for classes beginning 3:15–8 p.m.

How do I transfer or get a refund?

No discounts will be granted for missed classes.

There are no refunds or credits once a course begins. A refund will be issued if your class is cancelled due to low enrollment. If you wish to withdraw from a course before it begins, you must notify the Registration Office ten full business days before the first class meeting. We will issue a refund minus a $10 processing fee.

If you must withdraw fewer than ten days before the first class meeting:

  • No refunds will be granted for: course levels 0–299 and 700–999
  • A 75% refund minus a $10 processing fee will be granted for course levels 300–599

Please note: Floral Design materials fees will not be refunded fewer than five (5) business days before class begins.

How do I receive a catalog?

You can download a catalog or call 800.322.6924 to receive a free catalog in the mail.

What are the Summer Intensives?

Summer Intensives allow you to take multiple required Certificate classes in a condensed period of time. Summer intensive programs are offered in Floral Design, Landscape Design, Gardening, Botanical Art and Illustration, and Horticultural Therapy.

Do you offer a full-time program?

None of the NYBG Certificate programs are full time. Rather, they are designed to be flexible, and taken over time at the student's own pace. However, the NYBG School of Professional Horticulture does offer a full-time, two year diploma program. Please visit the SOPH website for detailed information.

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Resources & General Questions

How do I get help logging into my account?

Returning students should log in with the email address and password provided to them by the Registration Office. If you did not receive this, please contact us.

New students should begin by creating an account.

Please contact the Registration Office at 800.322.6924 for further assistance.

Are there discounts for NYBG classes?

Yes. Among other benefits, the Garden members receive 10% off all Adult Education classes. Visit the membership web site to learn more about becoming a member and saving on classes. Select NYBG Corporate Members are eligible for course discounts.

Are there work study opportunities?

Yes. A limited number of work-study opportunities are available for students who wish to gain class credit by working in the NYBG Education Department. Computer skills are required. Call 718.817.8741 for details.

Who do I contact about accommodating students with disabilities?

Contact the Registration Office at 800.322.6924 to discuss specific needs.

What NYBG resources are available to Adult Education students?

All NYBG Adult Education students have full access to the Garden's LuEsther T. Mertz Library - the most comprehensive botanical and horticultural library in the world. Students can register for a library card which will provide offsite access to all of the Library's electronic journals and databases and a 4,000 volume circulating collection for home reference use. Librarians are available to assist students during opening hours or you may also e-mail your questions to

How do I learn more about NYBG instructors?

Visit the instructor page to read the instructor bios and search classes by instructor.

How do I become an NYBG instructor?

To inquire about becoming an NYBG instructor contact the NYBG program manager at 718.817.8741.

How can I get in touch with NYBG alumni?

NYBG has two alumni groups that current students or alumni can join for professional advice, networking and friendship: The Landscape Design Students and Alumni Association (LDSA) and the Floral Design Alumni Group. For information about LDSA contact Ellen Yellen at 914.723.4090. To join the Floral Design alumni group e-mail

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The NYBG Certificate Programs

What Is a New York Botanical Garden Certificate?

  • A Certificate signifies that a student has successfully fulfilled all the requirements of a prescribed series of courses. Several Certificates offer students a choice among areas of concentration.
  • The Garden offers Certificates in Botanical Art and Illustration, Floral Design, Horticulture, Botany, Gardening, Horticultural Therapy, and Landscape Design.
  • Certificates are awarded each spring and have been used by many recipients to prepare for careers in plant-related occupations or to qualify for salary increases and/or increased responsibilities in their current positions.
  • Please note: You have six (6) years to complete a Certificate. The catalog from which you start your Certificate program contains the requirements you must fulfill for the completion of your Certificate. See each section for the Certificate requirements.

What Certificates does NYBG offer?

We offer Certificates in the following disciplines:

How long does it take to complete an NYBG Certificate?

Students generally complete our Certificate Programs in 1 to 2 years. However, you are free to complete the requirements at your own pace and credits do not expire for a full six years, from the start date of your first Certificate class. Certificate requirements are based on the program of courses stated in the catalog from which you started. You can accelerate your Certificate program through Summer Intensives.

Is there a way to fast-track an NYBG Certificate program?

Yes, Summer Intensives allow you to take multiple required Certificate classes in a condensed period of time. Summer Intensive programs are offered in  Floral Design, Landscape Design, Gardening, Botanical Art and Illustration, and Horticultural Therapy.

Can I enroll for more than one NYBG Certificate at a time?

You may register for as many classes and Certificate Programs as you wish as long as you have completed the prerequisites, if any are required.

Can I take an NYBG Certificate class without doing the entire program?

Yes! You may are welcome to register for any course that does not have a prerequisite, including those labeled “Certificate Requirement” or “Elective”. You may also register for classes that require a prerequisite, as long as you have completed the prerequisite(s) required. You do not have to be working toward a Certificate to register for Certificate-level courses.

Can I get an exemption from prerequisite classes?

In rare cases, students may qualify for exemptions based on:

  • College courses from an accredited college or university
  • Evaluated non-collegiate sponsored instruction
  • or proficiency exams.

Note: if you are exempt from a course, you must make up the hours through elective classes.

Can I get help with an internship placement?

The NYBG Adult Education Department has relationships with multiple institutions and companies in the New York metro area that have accepted NYBG students as interns in the past. NYBG instructors are working professionals in their field and may also be able to assist with internship connections. Contact the registration office at 800.322.6924 for further assistance.

What do I need to do when I'm ready to graduate?

Students who expect to complete their Certificate requirements by June must inform the Registration Office in writing of their candidacy. Contact the Registration Office at 800.322.6924 for further assistance.

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CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

Can I get CEU or other credits for taking NYBG classes?

Select Landscape Design courses are available for CEU's for American Society of Landcape Architects (ASLA) and Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) members. CEU's are also offered in select Horticulture, Gardening and Botany courses for International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA). Click here for more information.

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Are your Certificate programs accredited?

The School of Horticulture and Landscape Design is nearing completion of the licensing process with the New York State Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS), a division of the New York State Department of Education. Licensure under the state recognizes the Certificate Programs in Horticulture, Horticultural Therapy, and Landscape Design as high quality and career oriented.

The School of Professional Horticulture has a two-year full-time accredited Title IV program.

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