NYBG Certificate Programs

If you are on a new career path or thinking about a career change, consider a NYBG Certificate. Our programs combine a comprehensive course of study and real-world skills, and add a prestigious credential to your profile that set you apart in today’s competitive market.

The Garden offers Certificate Programs in eight areas:

Botanical Art & Illustration                Floral Design              Horticulture                  
Landscape Design  Gardening       Urban Naturalism
Horticultural Therapy  Botany  

NYBG Certificate Programs are tailored to meet your professional goals. Each consists of a core of required courses and a selection of electives, plus in some cases, a required portfolio or internship. Certificates can be completed within a year, although students have up to six years to complete their Certificate – with classes held days, evenings and weekends to fit any schedule.                      

Summer Intensive Programs

If you’ve decided to pursue a Certificate in Landscape Design, Floral Design, or Gardening, the Summer Intensives are an ideal opportunity to complete the program faster. Take advantage of the Garden’s incomparable resources and top professional instructors in a concentrated program that will put your career on the fast track.

We also offer Summer Intensive Classes in Botanical Art & Illustration and Horticultural Therapy. The next season of Intensives begins in July 2019.


NYBG Certified Digital Badge

 NYBG CertifiedA NYBG certificate tells your employers, colleagues, and community that you are committed to your career and to your area of specialty.

NYBG’s digital badge allows any individual who has completed a certificate program* to recognize their accomplishment with a digital badge that can be embedded into your online or digital résumé, or displayed on your social media profile as an indicator of mastery and accomplishment.
*with the exception of Horticultural Therapy, which requires credentialing from the AHTA.

Note: In order to display the certificate badge, you must have completed all of the certificate requirements in your chosen discipline. To check your eligibility and receive your digital badge, please email Registration staff.


Alumni Testimonials 

See what some of our NYBG-Certified Alumni are saying: 

“I have always loved drawing and the natural world, but wanted more professional guidance before jumping into a career in art. The experienced and accomplished artists-instructors at NYBG have given me invaluable feedback and advice. I’m now a full-time freelance scientific illustrator looking forward to a bright future.”

— Jennifer Deutscher, 2017 Botanical Art Graduate and Freelance Illustrator

“NYBG’s Floral Design Program gave me the confidence in myself as a designer that opened doors to future opportunities and eventually led me to start my own business in the field.”

— Victoria Monsul Singolda, 2017 Floral Design Graduate and Owner of Iris & Virgil 

"I started studying horticultural therapy to expand on my work as a health educator, and to learn more about working with plants and special populations. I've met great teachers and excellent mentors at NYBG. Now I'm applying my new knowledge and experience at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, working with children of all ages, including those with special needs." 

— Shannon Sodano Heffernan, 2017 Horticultural Therapy Graduate and Instructor at Brooklyn Botanic Garden 

"With their engaging approach that combines soil science, gardening techniques, and a passion for all things green, my instructors gave me a solid horticultural foundation that directly impacts the overall health of my polyculture garden."

— David Saidoff, 2016 Gardening Graduate

“The NYBG Botany and Horticulture programs gave me the opportunity to develop my knowledge in plant science, and explore a variety of fields and practices. With inspiring teachers and students who share similar interests, NYBG’s programs enhanced my passion for plants and nature, and helped me achieve my goal of working as a gardener in public horticulture.”

— Yuki Kaneko, 2016 Botany Graduate and Gardener at the High Line 

“My decision to enroll at NYBG has been nothing short of life changing; what began as an impulse to pursue my passion for plants quickly blossomed into a deeply rewarding new career path. Graduating with a certificate in Sustainable Garden Design was not only a rich and deeply engaging personal growth experience, but also gave me the confidence and technical expertise to launch my landscape and garden design business.”

— Jean-Marc Flack, 2015 Horticulture Graduate and owner of Hortulus Animae, LLC

"My Sustainable Garden Design specialization armed me with the horticultural knowledge to bridge the gap between archictecture and landscape architecture. The instructors were nothing short of fantastic, often teaching through personal and hands-on experience that can't be found in textbooks. I'd recommend the program for anyone interested in growing plants or looking to take their career in a more refreshing direction." 

— Bijan Haghnegahdar, 2014 Graduate, Landscape Designer at Neuhaus Design Architecture